Karni Vilenchik Family Office

Karni Vilenchik Family Office is a private company that provides its clients and their families with advanced family office services and accompanies them step by step throughout all stages: from the start of the joint activity, during the career, at retirement and in the following period.

Karni Vilenchik Family Office was established in 2008 and is engaged in building investment and financial planning strategies for financially wealthy families, individuals and corporations in Israel with a variety of products and services.

Our experienced team of experts has a rich background in finance, investments, banking, pension, insurance, tax and real estate. Our expertise is in building and executing a financial strategy that includes: financial and real investments, saving for the next generation, insurance, retirement plan and more. All financial services are under one roof which allows us to allocate the most suitable investments for you.  We take pride in providing you and your family with peace of mind, a sense of security and stability, cost savings, personal care and a thorough understanding of the changing needs.

Karni Vilenchik Family Office works closely with a variety of leading entities in the capital market ranging from investment houses, local and global banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and others. Our methodology provides full transparency, cost saving and reduces conflicts of interest between the financial companies and the end client.

The first step: Analyzing the existing situation

To obtain an accurate and up-to-date picture, we will collect data and map all assets from insurance companies, banks and investment houses.

The second step: Characterizing needs and defining goals

We will determine with you the needs and goals of each family member. At the same time, we will review your financial obligations and all anticipated expenses

The third step: Financial planning

Together we will build a financial strategy that will best suit the goal and needs of the family from the vast range of instruments and products available in the capital market: investments, insurance, savings plans, real estate and hedge funds.

The fourth step: A holistic application

Implementation of the plan: opening accounts and accompanying our clients with the various entities. Preparation of the relevant documents and transfer of funds according to the plan.

The fifth step: Monitoring and control

Our ongoing supervision includes: sending up-to-date reports and ongoing meetings in which we will present you with your assets review and economic forecast of the market situation. In these meetings, we will examine whether the portfolio needs to be adapted to the changing needs, and we will implement it optimally. Our firm supports and accompanies clients with additional issues and services, including external offices: tax consultants, accountants, legal support, inter-generational transfers and more.

Our core advantages: professionalism, full transparency, independence and personal attention

Karni Vilenchik Family Office is a private company and is not owned by any of the investment houses or insurance companies. The fact that we operate with no conflict of interests provides us the freedom of action and objective holistic vision that places you and your family at the center. The personal attention and rich experience we have accumulated in the financial markets throughout the years, enables us to generate you and your family the most suitable financial strategy while adapting to the different stages in your life: your career, retirement, savings and looking after future generations.